Pedicure Safety

PROTECT YOURSELF and get information on the dangers and what to watch for in Nail Salons. 

Why we're here...

Calling DIYers

This site was set up to provide information to people who get manicures and pedicures. There are many dangers in Nail Salons that the general public is unaware of. We hope to help people avoid becoming victims by making information as readily available as possible. 

Jenney's Story

Make it a group thing

Jenney Howell went to a typical and popular nail salon in her local community one afternoon to get a pedicure and manicure. After having a chemical left on her feet for over 30 minutes, she sustained chemical burns and permanent nerve damage, which led to a major surgery, and has left her with daily pain and struggles. Learn more about her story on the Jenney's Story Page.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Getting (and staying) fit can be fun

Check out our "Info & Links" page to find helpful links, articles, and related information to arm yourself with knowledge and protect yourself.

We want to hear from you!

Calling DIYers

If you've had a bad experience resulting in an injury at a Nail Salon, we want to hear from you! Please share your story in our Guest Book so that others may learn from it. Contact us for more information if you need help with your story or injury!

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